In Stock Now (10/2018):


Border, American Singer, Yellow, White, Red factor,Russian, Variegated


              Gouldians-Purple breasted, White breasted, Dilute;

Zebras; Cutthroats; Orange cheeked and gold breasted waxbills; Shafttails;

Black and white mannekins; Green singers; Owls;

COCKATIELS - (assorted colors) - New hand fed babies arriving soon!!

PARAKEETS - (assorted colors) - Hand fed English budgies and american parakeets

LOVEBIRDS-creamino, lutino, peachface, fancy













The Nursery

        Available babies (10/2018):


Black Capped Conures

Blue Crown Conures

Spectacle Amazon

Timneh African Grey

Congo African Greys


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Red Lored/Lilac crowned Amazon