In Stock Now (7/2017):


Male Canaries -Bronze, American Singer,Fife, Yellow, White, Red factor, Variegated


              Gouldians-Purple breasted, White breasted, Yellowbacks, Dilute; White Breasted;

Societies; Zebras; Cutthroats; Orange cheeked waxbills;Gold breasted waxbills; Spice Finches;

cordon bleues; black and white mannekins; Green singers; Owls

COCKATIELS - (assorted colors) - New hand fed babies always in stock!

PARAKEETS - (assorted colors) - Hand fed English budgies and american parakeets










The Nursery

        Available babies (7/2017):

Pineapple conures

Greencheek conures

Cinnamon Greencheeks