Wing, Nail, and Beak Trimming

To keep a bird healthy and safe we recommend that your bird have its wings and nails trimmed. No one wants to chance having their feathered friend fly away and no one likes their bird to have nails that are too sharp.  We do all trimmings here on the premises. No appointment is necessary!

Please be sure to bring your bird in a carrier for the ease and safety of your pet and our employees....


Boarding on the Premises

Going Somewhere? Looking for someone experienced with birds to look after your feathered companion? Here at our store we can do that for you. We can board your bird at our store in either your cage or ours and they will receive the love and care they need while you are away.

Please make reservations ahead, especially around summer and the holidays.

Be sure to bring your bird's favorite toys and accessories to make them feel right at home!

DNA Sexing

We offer DNA sexing services on all monomorphic birds (indistinguishable sexes). Results usually arrive within 7-10 days and a certificate bearing your bird's sex and other information arrives about 1 week later.

A small drop of blood is taken painlessly from the bird's nail and takes less than a minute to complete the process. No appointment is necessary!



At Paterson Bird Store we know that sometimes food, toys, a home and love is not all a bird needs. That's why we are here to provide you with a wealth of additional services and expert advice