Bird Food
Paterson Bird Store

With over 150 different varieties of fresh seed, pelleted diets and treats, the Paterson Bird Store is bound to have the food ready to please every birdy palate! We proudly carry only the best names in avian diets. We'll gladly offer you expert advice on choosing and customizing the right diet for your birds.


At Paterson Bird Store we carry some of the largest selections of bird products around. From seed and pellet diets to cages and toys, you can be sure to find what you need here at our store.

***Phone Orders and Shipping to Private Addresses Available***
*Excludes cages & stands*


At Paterson Bird Store, we carry much more than your average pet store. We have a huge selection of supplies and accessories for you to choose from. From carriers to bath sprays, you can be sure that Paterson Bird has it all!

We carry hundreds of bird accessories and supplies including:

Dietary Supplements
Bath Sprays
Bird Shampoos
Educational Books and DVDs
Training Videos and CDs
Bird Cages of all Sizes
Full-Spectrum Lighting
Cleaning Supplies
Hand Feeding Accessories
...and many, many more!